About Bare Inc

100% of clients achieved or exceeded
their desired outcomes after completing
their Coaching with Bare Inc.

Rajiv is passionate about improving the business world—one leader at a time. With experience leading teams in senior roles across the banking, energy and technology sectors, and interviewing over 500 high-performance teams and leaders, Rajiv knows what it takes to create a high-performance team environment.

Rajiv combines real-world experience with evidenced-based coaching approaches as an International Coaching Federation certified coach to support leaders to maximise the potential of their teams through his company, Bare Inc. He has worked with, guided and developed leaders in universities, technology firms, wine companies, start-ups and small businesses.


I helped one client save $1m in costs
through smart negotiations and strategic

Where did the name come from?

Bare represents our workstyle whereby we take the complexity out of problems and find simple yet actionable solutions. The Inc. represents our range of businesses including food manufacturing and food brands.