About Bare Inc

100% of clients achieved or exceeded
their desired outcomes after completing
their Coaching.

My purpose in life is to improve the world by developing better leaders. 

I've been fascinated by the potential of people to grow, learn and become leaders for over 25 years. I help you discover your strengths, hone your skills and develop a leadership plan that takes you where you want to go.

Why do I do it?

Growing up, I was never confident in my abilities. I was always judged and told I didn't stack up. Not until after completing my Master's degree and starting at ANZ, I met my first mentor. A great mentor who showed me how to back myself and learn from my mistakes.

It took another 15 years in corporate life to realise my calling was in helping other leaders through professional coaching.

How can I help?
I help business leaders find confidence in their abilities to leverage their strengths to achieve their goals.

My clients come to me because they want to be an inspired leader. Specifically, they are seeking:

  • The ability to take decisive action to achieve their goals
  • Foster team collaboration through improved communication
  • Business growth by aligning your business around strategic objectives and key results
  • Improved the quality and speed in making high impact decisions
  • Talent acquisition and retention by creating a workplace culture centred on high performance and trust
  • Increased confidence in your leadership abilities
  • A trusted partner who is free of judgement and whose sole goal is your success

I have learned from over 500 high performing leaders and team's what it takes to achieve success.

If you or your leadership team want to have the best chance to succeed, please reach out for a confidential discussion.

Rajiv combines real-world experience with evidenced-based coaching approaches as an International Coaching Federation certified coach to support leaders to maximise the potential of their teams through his company, Bare Inc. He has worked with, guided and developed leaders in universities, technology firms, wine companies, start-ups and small businesses.


I helped one client save $1m in costs
through smart negotiations and strategic

Where did the name come from?

Bare represents our workstyle whereby I take the complexity out of problems and find simple yet actionable solutions. The Inc. represents our range of businesses including food manufacturing and food brands.