Effective Team Communications Workshop

"We are struggling to get our sales, marketing and finance teams to work together. They just can’t seem to effectively communicate and get on the same page. As a result, our products are getting slower to take to market and everyone is feeling a little frustrated."   

This is a common situation faced by my clients, how to create a work environment where team members work together. 

As a result, you are brought into meetings to help push the ideas forward. Over time, your days become filled with meetings that you wish your team could manage. 

The constant meetings leave you with little time to think strategically. If this is you, you are not alone, a study by Google found leaders spend only 25 minutes a day thinking strategically. 

You might think the solution is better time management? But that is like throwing a glass of water on a wildfire. 

The solution is to improve team communication, arm your teams with the interpersonal communication skills required to convey their message both internally and externally.  

The key to good communication, whether it is verbal or nonverbal communication is the person’s ability to adapt their approach to the person receiving it. 

During our High-Performance Team Communication Workshop you will learn how to: 

  1. Understand your preferred communication approach through a personalised DISC report
  2. Learn how to identify and adapt your style to effectively communicate to your key stakeholders 
  3. Practice adapting your style using real-world examples from negotiations to sales pitches based on my real-world experience leading strategic negotiations for a range of corporate businesses
  4. Understand the key strengths and areas for improvement at a team/company level to become effective communicators


  "Raj delivered exactly what we needed to get the sales, marketing and finance teams working together" 
Shane Bullus, Head of Sales, Brown Family Wine Group

 After the workshop your team will be able to: 

  1. Adapt their tone of voice, body language and verbal and written communication to suit their audience 
  2. Improve their ability to communicate both at work and with friends, family and loved ones
  3. Our attendee survey shows 99% of them can and would implement it immediately