Strategy Planning Days

Thanks again for making our executive team offsite one of – if not the best – planning session I’ve ever run. I really feel we have a framework now that makes sense to everyone on the executive team, that captures what it is we are trying to achieve and what our priorities are, and provides clarity on ‘who’s on the hook’ for each Key Result — awesome two days.

Toby Balasz, CEO

When wanting to improve business performance, a leader usually has two areas in their control: business strategy and the capability of their people.

Business strategy:

A business strategy could apply to your team or the business as a whole business.  For example, you may focus on the business’ resources and efforts on winning a specific type of customer or developing new products or services to improve the profitability of the company.  

One case which demonstrates the success of improving performance through changes to a business strategy is General Electric (GE). Jack Welch, a highly-regarded corporate leader, spent two decades as GE’s chairman and chief executive, from 1981 to 2001. A chemical engineer by training, Welch transformed the company from a maker of appliances and light bulbs into an industrial and financial services powerhouse. During his tenure, GE’s revenue grew nearly fivefold, and the firm’s market capitalisation increased 30-fold. 

I am a firm believer that your strategy needs to articulate where your business plays and how it plans to win. By answering these two questions, you will set yourself and your business to outperform the competition. 

Strategy Workshop

After spending nearly two decades in strategic roles in large corporations, I developed an approach to help leadership teams craft effective strategic plans.  The workshop can be run as either one or two day formats and your will walk away with an effective strategy. 

This is achieved by working in partnership with you to determine your unique business challenges and goals. Through this process we will uncover what will set goals for the workshop and working through the strategic planning process to ensure there are no surprises for you as the leader. 

On the days I will manage the strategy workshop facilitation and ensure that each person has their ideas heard. At the end of workshop you will walk away with action plans that can be further developed back in the office. 

The key difference between my approach and other facilitators is the support doesn’t stop there. As most strategic plans fall over at the point of execution. 

What happens after the strategy day? 

A common issue post the traditional strategy offsite is the lack of visibility and accountability. To solve this problem, I have partnered with Skefto, to deliver clients and end to end strategy management approach.

What is the Skefto Strategy Platform?

A Strategy platform allows organisations to define the objectives, actions, and metrics used to manage business performance. skefto breaks down strategic plans into operational plans, enabling a clear line of sight and complete vertical and horizontal integration.

Skefto provides a simple, visual and engaging way to design and execute your strategy.

The process ensures that the outputs from the strategy day converted into an executable plan. The strategy can then be reviewed, assessed and updated on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Drucker.

If you want to find out more about my approach to strategic planning that works, get in touch