High-Performance Team Workshop

Are you facing a challenge in your business that has left you asking: How do I unlock the potential of my team? 

“Great to have actionable outcomes from the day. I will definitely apply this in the office”
- Dean, Finance Manager

Are you a leader or human resources manager who is trying to take your team from good to great? You have tried the standard team building days and it has not driven a sustainable change in performance. Now you need to find a solution that will work. 

High-performance teams can mean different things to different people. Sometimes it is hard to know what is separate the fact from fiction. To understand what will work in the Australian workplace rather than transplanting the latest performance trends from Silicon Valley. 

The Bare Inc High-Performance team model is based on the collective wisdom of over 500 high-performance leaders and teams. 

Seven traits were Identified through surveys and in-depth interviews, as the critical building blocks for high performance.  which is instilled in my book the How To Grow Tall Poppies. 

It is time to do something different to the standard team workshops where you get the pump on the day but no tangible changes back in the office.

The workshop is designed to support leaders to incorporate these traits into their leadership and maximise the potential of a business’ most significant asset—your people. 


“The workshop was very well presented and explained, easy to follow”
- Romeo, Sales Manager 


What do you get?

  • An analysis of how your business or specific team is performing against the 7 High-Performance Team Traits
  • A tailored workshop to develop action plans to improve on the 1-2 areas which will have the most impact in your business
  • Ongoing coaching for you as the leader, to embed the changes in your team 
  • Copies of the High-Performance book, How To Grow Tall Poppies for you and attendees to further enhance their learning of the seven performance areas and embed them after the workshop 


“Really engaging day and practical, definitely applying it at work” Kate, Marketing Manager


Great leaders do not rise on the hard work of others. They raise others by their hard work.

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