High-Performance Leadership Coach

What is professional coaching? 

Professional Coaching is partnering with clients to identify their professional aspirations and create long term strategies to achieve these goals. In some cases, this becomes both a career and personal journey in which sustainable change is achieved over time. 



My coaching focuses on: 

  • Developing High-Performance teams

  • Leadership development

  • Creating purpose 

  • Strategy

  • Goal setting 

  • Influencing Stakeholders 

  • Life Balance

  • Performance Management 

  • Difficult conversations 

  • Mindset

Bare Inc High-performance Leadership Coaching Focus Areas

My client’s journey?

I coach, guide and develop leaders in universities, technology firms, wine companies, start-ups and small businesses.

They tend to fall into the following categories: 

  • High potential individual contributor: Focused on leveraging their strengths to improve performance. They are either currently running their own business or are recognised by their organisation as potential with high level of potentials for future leadership roles. 

  • Managing a group: The next group, is when high potential individuals take over a new group. I refer to them as a group, rather than a team, because a group is where each individual is motivated to each their own goals and are not necessarily aligned. The challenge is for the leader is two-fold, firstly how do they develop their own leadership style to be effective. Secondly, how do they transform the group into a cohesive team? 

  • High-Performance Leader: The next category is the leader who is focused first on mastering self-leadership. They know that by improving their own leadership style they can help drive the success of their team. 

  • High-performance team: The final category is leaders who want to learn how to drive consistent performance from their team by creating a high-performance team environment. These leaders are focused on both improving their own and their team’s performance. 

The four stages of the leader's coaching journey to high-performance


How do I work with clients?

I provide an individualised process that will build your leadership skills and enable positive change for you and your organisation.

I am passionate about improving the business world—one leader at a time. With experience leading teams in senior roles across the banking, energy and technology sectors, and interviewing over 500 high-performance teams and leaders, I know what it takes to create a high-performance leader.

I combine real-world experience with evidenced-based coaching approaches as an International Coaching Federation certified coach to support leaders to maximise the potential of their teams. I work with, guided and developed leaders in universities, technology firms, wine companies, start-ups and small businesses.

Having a clear vision is the foundation for defining a pathway and goals to achieve your ambitions. In your first session, you will start to gain a clear picture of your professional vision. From there, you can expect to work through:

  • Achieve short & long term goals

  • Partnership

  • Optimise & maximise personal and professional growth

I recognise that every client is different so I tailor our approach per your individual needs and vision. I use solution-based coaching approaches that are straightforward and robust. This is often supplemented this with tools based on the Client's goals and barriers, for example, 360-degree feedback, strengths finder, DISC profiles and other purpose-built tools and templates to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from new learnings.

The coaching programs can be delivered face to face or via secure video conferencing. The aim is to help you achieve your full potential. A typical coaching engagement is between 4-12 sessions.


The Coaching Process


What I Expect From Clients

To be effective, I expect my clients to be authentic and honest always. I need them to lean into the areas which may cause them discomfort with the knowledge that it will help them drive a sustainable behavioural change.
All our conversations and session are confidential. I abide by the International Coaching Federations Code of Ethics, so you can be assured that what you share always remains confidential.


What My Coaching Does Not Do? 

The Coaching is not a substitute for counselling or therapy. The sessions will not spend a lot of time focusing on the past or dysfunctions, as our approach focuses on moving you forward to achieving your desired outcome.
Similarly, my coaching is not about providing you with the answers, that is consulting. Instead, I will develop your leadership skills so that you are better equipped to drive performance for yourself, your team and your business. 

If you think I can help, let have a chat


 Rajiv Jayarajah Associate Certified Coaching International Coaching Federation