Case Studies


Tim, Leadership Coaching Client

"The benefits have been far-reaching" - Bare Inc Leadership Coaching

Tim leveraged Bare Inc’s Leadership Coaching to drive sustained growth in the business he leads and personally.

“Benefits I’ve experienced working with Raj have been far-reaching, both professional and personal.

One of the big ones for me is being a bit more measured in my actions and responses. Taking a moment, thinking through what the interaction has been or is, and thinking about how I would like to respond or divert the conversation to getting the outcome I’m looking for.

I recommend Raj as a consultant to friends or colleagues. He doesn’t tell you. He helps you work it out. That’s the power of it.”

Penny, Business Coaching Client

The Bare Inc difference

“From the very first session that I had, I came away with templates that I could use.” – The Bare Inc difference

Penny is a busy business owner and tired of paying expensive consultants for no outcomes.

“The reason that we decided to engage Bare Inc. was at the time, we felt like we needed some help with our identity and our brand.

I think the biggest thing, as a clinic owner, is when you decide to start a business you’ve usually been qualified in a particular trade. I did a degree as a physiotherapist. Starting a business, all of a sudden, I became the HR Manager, I became the Finance Manager, I became the Marketing Manager, a clinician, the CEO, the COO and everything else in between, and although I had done some business training, it doesn’t really prepare you.

When I met Raj through Bare Inc., it was really great to have that support and help. Someone who’d come from a different background. Someone who had different skills. Learnt different things. He was really able to provide me with concrete templates and how to think about things in a way that I hadn’t been taught or hadn’t thought about doing.

In the past, what I often found is you end up sitting down and having a 2-3 hour consultation, which is a free consultation. You sit there, and you explain everything about your business to a person. They come back and say “Fantastic; we can change your business, we can do all these things for you. It’s going to cost you $10,000 before we give you any tips or secrets as to how we might be able to do that."

The difference I found with Raj was that from the very first session that I had, I came away with templates that I could use. He helps you get to those answers on your own. He asks you the right questions. He gave useful templates, advice. That actually helps you direct your own business, which I think is invaluable.”

Puiling, Career Coaching Client

Career planning with a difference

Puiling was unhappy and looking for a career change, but she didn't know where to start.

“I wasn’t very happy with my role at the time. However, when I looked at the options and other jobs out there, I just wasn’t enthused at the thought of any of them.

Raj was able to help me place unspoken fears and internal barriers into perspective and then build a step by step plan to get to where I wanted to be and then hold me accountable to it. That’s definitely why I would recommend going to see Bare Inc.

Something that Raj had me do was to do an exercise and list the jobs that I’ve had previously and then call out specifically which aspects of those jobs I really enjoyed. That really helped to turn my thinking.”

Jan, Career Coaching Client

Bare Inc helped Jan find a career he would love

Jan came to Bare Inc to help him create a career he would love.

“I was looking for change but didn’t know what I wanted to do next. The inspiration that started to turn things around was getting to the core of what I enjoyed doing in the workplace. When I worked with my coach to understand this, I was able to develop a career plan that not only excited me but was applicable to my skillset.

I was able to develop a career plan with clear next steps that I felt were achievable. From this, I was able to develop training needs and a development plan that was going to take me to where I wanted to go.

I would absolutely recommend Bare Inc. to my friends and colleagues. Bare Inc.’s approach has put me back in the driver’s seat of my career, and my coach’s own experiences are working for some of Australia’s leading brands has helped me along my journey.”

Nick, Leadership Coaching Client

I wish I had coaching 20 years ago

"One of the most valuable things I’ve found is that Raj listens. He doesn’t say a lot, but when he says something, it’s usually very helpful. However, you do get a chance to express yourself in a non-threatening environment, which is certainly a new experience for me and my work life and something I wish I’d done about 20 years ago."

Chris, Career Coaching Client

Bare Inc helped me identify a new career path and land the right role

Chris came to Bare Inc as he wanted to change his career path and do something he loved.

“I was feeling extremely frustrated and disengaged with the current position that I held at my place of work and the direction my career path was headed.

I felt incredibly supported by Bare Inc. and that my passion and goals that I wanted to achieve were equally shared with Bare Inc.

Bare Inc was able to help me identify a new career path. With their help and support, I was able to identify a new role, apply for it and I was successful in the appointment of that role.

I already have been referring Bare Inc. to family and friends and colleagues. Pretty much anyone I feel I can identify is in a similar situation to what I was. I feel that Bare Inc. really helped, supported and changed my career.”

Shane, Business Coaching Client

Finding help when things got out of control

Shane has been running his own business for years, however, he felt things were getting out of control.

“There are often times where things can just get a little bit out of control when you run your own business.

We didn’t have good systems in place. We knew how to train people, but in terms of having a set structure that we work from, we didn’t have any of that, that we could fall back on and make the business run smoothly.

Any time we’d go and see him he’d have a laugh, have a joke and just always made you feel good when you left there especially. You think “alright, yep, what we’re doing is right and let’s go implement what he’s told us to do and what we’ve worked through.”

It was always a good feeling. You’re always ready, looking forward to the next session especially.”

Shannon, Business Coaching Client

Raj gave me new ideas that I would not have thought of myself

Shannon needed to grow her new business fast, but wasn’t sure how to start. She joined the 6-week business overhaul and leveraged Bare Inc tailored coaching process. She was able to think outside the box and implement new ideas that drove business growth.

Patrick, Career Coaching Client

Raj was always ready to support me to achieve my career goals

Stuck in a job he wasn’t enjoying and not been able to leverage his wealth of experience Patrick was stuck. Using Bare Inc tailored career coaching he was able to develop a new career plan, identify his strengths and land the perfect role for him.

Melinda, Business Coaching Client

Raj believed in me and that gave me the confidence to drive my business further.

Melinda joined the 6-week business overhaul and leveraged Bare Inc tailored coaching process. She was able to rethink her business and develop new ways to grow and differentiate herself amongst a competitive market of health coaching.