How small business owners can induct new team members

Bringing new team members into your business can be pretty exciting.  As a small business, the fact that you’ve now grown to incorporate additional staff is a great sign.  So, once you’ve gone through the recruitment process of creating a position description, advertising the role, conducting interviews and finally hiring someone, you want to ensure you get the final step right – staff induction.

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Depending on whether your new staffer will be working remotely or on-site with you, here’s a checklist to make sure everything runs smoothly.


  • Employment paperwork reviewed, completed and returned – including employment contracts, taxation forms and non-disclosure agreements
  • Confirm start date and time
  • Confirm site address and entrances
  • Security access pass (if required)
  • Car parking access (if required) or public transport options
  • Desk, chair, computer, printer, and stationery setup
  • Network access such email address (inc. email footer template), document folders & drives, databases, security settings, all relevant logins and passwords

First Day

  • “Welcome” meeting with their manager and team members – in person or via video conference
  • Scheduled meetings with teams or departments to give an overview of their activity
  • Scheduled introductory meetings with key clients (if applicable)
  • Business site tour – including emergency exits and amenities
  • Formal training or handover of role, in line with their position description
  • OHS and other legally required inductions including policies and procedures
  • Confirm Payroll details including bank details and leave entitlements
  • Any other industry-specific memberships or activity they need to participate in
  • Business cards, mobile phone or landline (with active phone numbers)
  • Provide an organisational chart and contact lists for both clients and other team members
  • It’s also nice to offer a list of surrounding services – e.g. chemists, petrol stations, gyms, banks and cafes

First 1-4 weeks

  • Regular reviews and check-ins every week – especially during their probationary period

I always try to allocate new team members a buddy. Whether it’s you or someone else in the business to keep an eye on their wellbeing. Stress levels are pretty high when starting a new job and new staffers try to hide this. It’s not about hand-holding. It’s about making the induction as smooth as possible as this benefits everyone.

If you want this as a downloadable and printable checklist, contact me Rajiv at Bare Inc.

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