How to Effectively Hire Staff

Deciding to hire new a team member for your small business can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.  Your business may be in a growth phase and you need additional resources. Or you might have to replace an existing staffer who’s moved on. Either way, it’s important to find people who properly represent you, your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

Whether you’re ready to hire a contractor for the first time ever; or looking at expanding an existing team. Recently, a client’s business had recently grown and was now in a position to hire two new staff members for the first time. Below is the process we went through and it might be some areas you want to consider:

  •        IDENTIFY exactly what you and your business needs. What do you want this resource to achieve for the business – i.e., a client-facing role should increase your client sales.  An in-house admin role should keep you organised and free up your time to service clients and customers. Is the role full time or part-time? What’s your budget for hiring this resource?
  •        CLARIFY what you need them to do by developing a position description.  A coach can help you determine the specific tasks and responsibilities.  Who would they report to (if it’s not you)? Who are their stakeholders? What do they need to achieve each day/week/month?  If you know what you need, it will be easier to find the right person.
  •        SKILLS & CULTURE are both important. It is not just about the skills and experience. You need to establish what kind of person you want to compliment your business. What’s your business culture? What are you and other team members like? What personality styles fit best within this environment and add value to your business? Remember this person will be an extension of you and your company’s brand, so choose wisely.
  •        ASSESS – At this stage, you may choose to hire a professional recruitment service to find the right team member. Or you might decide to do it yourself. If that’s the case, once you’ve advertised the role and started receiving applications, your coach can help you develop a short-list of suitable candidates. They’ll help you determine if applicants are aligned with the requirements mentioned in the previous steps above.
  •        INTERVIEW – A coach can help you create relevant interview questions and help you practice your interviewing technique. A great interviewer’s style is relaxed, yet formal, allowing candidates to feel comfortable and be at their best.
  •        SELECTION – Once you have your preferred candidate in mind, your coach can guide you through the steps of reference checking and finally appointing someone.  This could also include creating an employment contract and any other relevant paperwork.

Note, a business coach is not a recruitment consultant. But they can guide you through the recruitment process to help you establish what you need and eventually find the right team members.

If you need someone to assist in creating the right team, contact Rajiv from Bare Inc today.




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