How do I hire loyal team members for my small business?

When you’re running your own business, loyalty is paramount to survival. Loyalty from clients and customers, your service providers and even your bank manager make all the difference.  Yet the most important element of loyalty comes from your staff. Whether you have one part-time contractor or a group of full-time permanent employees, their loyalty to you and your business will define your success.

Loyalty isn’t simply about turning up for work each week, year after year. It also means looking out for the best interests of the business and each other. It means being committed. As a business owner, your motivation to stick it out will be very different to an employee.   Here are a few tips on finding team members who will stick by you and the business when it matters most.

  •        BEHAVIOUR: When hiring a new staff member, carefully check their employment history. Are they “job hoppers” – is there a pattern of leaving roles after only a few months? Do they have plausible reasons for leaving these past roles? Do they even know what they want from a job – both in the short and long-term? These may be tricky questions, but applicants should be able to answer them.
  •        MOTIVATION: You also need to establish their personal motivations. Why do they want to work for your business? What do they love about certain roles and what gets them excited about being at work? Do their personal ambitions align with your business vision and mission? If you’re hiring a part-time receptionist who’s currently studying to become a lawyer – then don’t be surprised when they resign as soon as they graduate. If you can only offer a role with no opportunity for learning, development or career advancement – then your staff will eventually move on. You need to consider this.
  •        CHARACTER: Finally, when it comes to hiring loyal team members, always make sure you conduct reference checks. Ask referees questions regarding the candidate’s loyalty, motivation and commitment. Ask for examples of such behaviour. Get all the information you need to help make the final decision to hire.

Don’t forget, trust, commitment and loyalty between leaders and team members don’t happen overnight.  It’s built and nurtured over time. If you’re prepared to offer loyalty to your staff, then you’ll have a better chance of receiving it.

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