What have Well-Known Business Coaches Achieved?

Rajiv JayarajahExperienced and well-known Business Coaches include Tony Robbins, Brad Sugars and Marshall Goldsmith

Tony Robbins has built his business around Business Coaching and has published many books that can assist with improving businesses.  These books include:

  • “Ultimate Edge” – a self-improvement system that will you discover what you want the most out of life and the tools and strategies to achieve it.
  • “Boost your Influential Power and exceed your sales goals” – A 10 Day Program that will teach you the art of sales.
  • “Create a Long-Lasting Passionate Relationship” – The ultimate relationship program.

Brad Sugars commenced “Max My Profit” in Brisbane when he was 22 years old.  Brad now runs Action Coach as a Franchising Business where franchisees pay a franchisee fee to obtain tools, resources, marketing and advertising to build their businesses.  Brad Sugars provides FREE ebooks, action videos and white papers.

Action Coach provide a 17 point guarantee that if you have attended all the coaching sessions, used the tools and done all the work and in 17 weeks, you have not obtained results, your fees will be refunded.  Action Coach do not provide a list of fees for businesses to hire an Action Coach, however their Franchising Fees are from $44,500 + training for a single coach.

Marshall Goldsmith specialises in Executive Coaching in the US.  He has authored or edited 35 books and sold over 2 million copies. Marshall Goldsmith has speaking engagements, videos, podcasts, translations, and tools and resources.  Marshall Goldsmith charges $50,000 to $75,000 for a speaking engagement and has many Professional Coaches in his program.

These coaches have built successful businesses around their core abilities which do not require them to do everything.  These services include hiring business coaches, selling books and programs.

If you would like a Business Coach at a reasonable cost, contact Rajiv today.


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