It depends on how hard you work to implement the strategies that your Business Coach recommends.  Like anything new it will take several months.  In general, it will take 3 months to see business coaching benefits such as an increase in phone calls, emails, and even sales from the time that you implement the strategy.

You should feel confident in your Business Coaches’ ability to brainstorm ideas to improve your sales, productivity, profits and operations.  Your Business Coach will develop clear SMART goals with you that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.  These goals should be explained to you in clear and concise terms that you understand.

Here are some more things that your business coach should do for you:

  • Be easily contactable – If the situation is urgent and you call your coach, they should respond in a couple of hours.  If you email your Business Coach, they should respond within 24 hours
  • Have a clear structure around the services they offer. This could include 1:1 coaching sessions on the phone or in person for an hour at least once per month, depending on the package you have purchased.  You may require weekly or fortnightly meetings if you have a lot to do.
  • Your business coach should be providing you with notes and a task list of all the items covered in the 1:1 meeting. You should also have access to their tools and templates that assist with certain activities such as managing difficult people, effective leadership strategies and how to do personality profiles with your team.

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