Rajiv JayarajahMany business owners have hired a Business Coach to assist them with their business operations, finances and marketing.  The following well know businesses have used Coaches and here is what they said about them:

  • Eric Schmidt whom is the Chairman of Alphabet and the the former CEO of Google hired an Executive Coach and advised “everyone needs a coach” when interviewed by Fortune Magazine.
  • Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States has used Tony Robbins to assist him in the oval office.
  • Tony Robbins also assisted Hugh Jackman when he was working on the set for “Wolverine”. Tony’s first words to Hugh Jackman were “I have a gift for you.”
  • Carol Parker Walsh, the President of the AICI San Francisco Chapter of “Evolving Your Image in Washington”, US has used a business coach and stated “I grew my business by 645% this last year with her guidance and support. Sarah provides practical and useful feedback, advice, and support that I was able to implement IMMEDIATELY for IMMEDIATE profitable results.” – from the Illustra Business Coaching website.

As you can see, many famous people have used coaches to assist them to manage their operations.  For more information about how a Business Coach can assist you, contact Rajiv at Bare Inc today.

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