business goalsWhat your Business Coach can do for your business depends on the Business Coach specialisation of the business coach.  In general terms, your Business Coach can give you advice about the following:

  • Finance – Including how to manage your cash flow; project costing; keeping costs to a minimum; software recommendations; and areas that the ATO will target on your tax return.
  • Marketing – Reviewing competitors; your industry specifics; government regulations; your call to action; marketing plan; website purpose; core services; customers testimonials; and competitive advantages.
  • Staff – The timing for hiring staff; affording staff; the effect on cash flow; obligations to employees; alternatives to employees; equipment for staff; and legal considerations.
  • Industry Experience – Your Business Coach may have worked with clients in your industry or may have even worked in your industry and has an inside advantage to assisting you to build and manage your business.
  • Goal Setting – As a Business Owner you may feel overwhelmed with many tasks requiring your attention. Your Business Coach can assist you to review your priorities and set SMART goals.  (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely).

To discuss what your Business Coach can do for you, contact Rajiv at Bare Inc today.

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