confidenceWhen a business is at a point when they need someone else to assist in operations, undertake billable work or sell products or services to others, hiring the right staff can often be a difficult and overwhelming job.  Here are some pointers that will assist you to hire the best staff to suit your business and undertake the required tasks:

  • Write a list of the tasks that you require a new staff member to do. What would be the name for this role?  Ensure you develop a job description to assist in writing an advertisement and abide to workplace regulations
  • Consider the time to be spent on all of these tasks. How long will it take to complete these activities in a week?  Can this be done in a casual, part time or full-time capacity?
  • What skills, experience and education should this person require to fulfil this role? Will there be an opportunity for the person to develop and undertake further tasks in this role?  Will this role start up with part-time hours and move to full-time hours for the right person?
  • What is the personality of the person that will fit with this role and your business? Do they need to be bright and bubbly?  Do they need to be outgoing and confident?  Do you require someone that is just willing to do the job and not talk much?
  • Consider personality profiling of the person that you would like to offer the role to. There are many websites that can assist in this area, which include Careerone which has a great free test.

If you need assistance with hiring staff, contact Rajiv Jayarajah today from Bare Inc.

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