“Did you get my email?”

“Oh yeah, what was that about again?”

No doubt you have heard something like this before when talking to a colleague.  Which made me think about the difference between being busy versus being productive.

Ask most people how they are these days and the answer more often than not is “busy”. “I have been busy”… “Work is so busy”… “I would love to catch-up, but I am so busy at the moment”.

I have rarely heard anyone say “I have been productive and achieved some significant outcomes”. Does anyone ever say that?

Busy is defined as “having a great deal to do”. Productive is defined as “Achieving a significant amount or result”. Simply put, busy is about doing stuff and productively is about working towards a specific goal.

For me, being always busy has led to emotional conflict, stress, fatigue, and loss of connection with loved ones. Being productive has resulted in improved output, increased self-worth and having improved quality time with my family.

So, how do you move away from one to become the other? Here’s a snapshot of the behaviours of a Busy manager versus a Productive leader.




So how do you transition from being busy to being productive?

Firstly, take a step back and determine your overall end goal. Is it business growth, hitting your sales targets, setting the right KPI’s to drive your team’s success, etc.

From there write up all the activities that align to your goal.

On a separate list, write up all the activities you are currently undertaking that do not align with your goal.

With this clearer vision in mind, assess what you can change or remove from your schedule, whether through new processes, delegation, or simply saying NO. It is not about being selfish. It is about getting to a place where you are having the maximum impact.

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